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For over twenty years, inspiring and encouraging others has been Romona Morton’s central mission.  She is a Sexual Assault Survivor.  Ms. Morton used her the Power of Permission, Promise of Commitment and the Courage to Dream to design and live the life she imagined for herself. She believes that every person has untapped and unlimited potential for growth; and that self-exploration, understanding mindset, intentional and thoughtful use of giving yourself permissions are useful tools to help individuals tap into themselves and can help them have a fuller and more amazing life.  
Her journey is a testament that through the power of faith, storytelling, self-work, and shifting your mindset Sexual Assault Survivors can: Thrive. Flourish. & Prosper.  

Romona has worked in Corporate America as a C-level Executive and leader for over 25 years.  She is also the proud mother of a creative son who makes her laugh everyday.  Romona’s accomplishments include:

  • Founded Suite624, Inc. with the purpose of providing coaching and self-development programs to help women create authentic and meaningful spaces in their lives to be the greatest expression of themselves.

  • Has written several programs about her journey to self-discovery to help others. Her programs include: The Dialogue Series: Permissions, Commitments, & Dreams; Sisterhood Blessing Circle – Self Discovery Program; & Starting from where you Stand – the Mindset Coaching Program.

  • Authored short-story Tramell’s Song with accompanying video, a story about self-awareness and relationship.  

Romona Morton has shown by example that living a purposeful life by design is possible and that human spirit is meant to soar, no matter the situation.


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